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Intensive Playshop Training
Intensive training basic information




Anyone from beginners to experienced people can participate.
You will learn facilitation techniques and concepts step-by-step from the basics to applications while sleeping and eating together for 5 days.
In addition to learning about facilitation, musicality, and presence, participants will experience community building with their mentors*, and share their skills and talents during talent shows and open spaces.

​ *For mentors*, please refer to mentor training.




May 2nd (Tue) - 6th (Sat), 2023


Time schedule


Tuesday, May 2nd
 13:00 Departure from JR Matsuyama Station
 13:30 Departure from Matsuyama Airport
   *There will be a shuttle bus to the venue. ​   
 14:30-15:00 reception & opening
 15:00-21:30 Playshop

Wednesday, May 3
 9:00-21:30 Playshop
  * Afternoon open space (sharing)
  *There is time for late night drumming at night

Thursday, May 4th
 9:00-21:30 Playshop
  * Afternoon open space (sharing)
  *There is time for late night drumming at night

Friday, May 5th
 9:00-21:30 Playshop
  * Afternoon open space (sharing)
​   *There is time for a talent show at night

​Saturday, May 6
 9:00-11:30 Playshop
 13:00-15:00 Community Drum Circle
  Venue: Wind Museum Multipurpose Hall
 15:30 departure
 *Shuttle bus will be available.
 17:00 arrival (scheduled) Matsuyama Airport
 17:30 arrival (scheduled) JR Matsuyama Station

*The time of the shuttle bus is fixed.
​ *We will pick you up at JR Ozu Station/JR Uchiko Station for those who join in the middle or return in the middle.
*Depending on the content of the training, the Museum of Wind may be used as the venue.         
​ *Antigen tests may be performed depending on the status of COVID-19 infection.

Entry fee

Non-member  230,000 yen
Non-member student  185,000yen*¹
Friends member  200,000 yen
Basic member     195,000 yen
Intensive/Mentor member  190,000 yen
Student member  165,000yen*¹

*All prices include tax.
Non-member student/student member is the price of a lodge night. (Students generally stay at the lodge.)
* If our corporate members apply by January 14, 2023, they will receive an early bird discount.10,000 yen discount
* Staying at the lodge "Boukoso" near the training venue, 20,000 Yen discount.
--- Boukoso: Shared bath and toilet, no bed making. 5 minutes by car to the venue (shuttle car available).

---Training venue "Kanogawasou": The room has a unit bath and toilet, bed making, free hot spring bathing.
​ (For details, please see the "Venue Access" button below.)
​ *Early bird discount and lodge night discount can be used together.
* Payment can be made in 3, 4 or 5 installments.
​ ---There is an administrative fee for split payments.
​ --- Depending on the time of application, you may not be able to select the number of divisions or may not be able to divide.
   ---Click here for quick reference table for installment payment.

​ (Please contact us for details.)


・Participation fee includes training fee, venue fee, textbook fee, VMC completion certification fee, and lodging and food expenses. ​
・Accommodation and meals are from dinner on the first day to lunch on the last day.
・After you apply, we will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to make the transfer within 3 days.
・After receiving the transfer information email, please transfer the full amount or the split fee within one week. After confirming the transfer, we will secure your seat.

・Cancellation fees due to personal reasons will be 60% from 30 days before and 100% from 3 days before. However, an administrative fee of 11,000 yen (including tax) will be charged regardless of the time of cancellation.
・Regarding refunds of entry fees in the event of bad weather (in the event of force majeure)
―――In the following cases, we will refund the participation fee, excluding the administrative fee of 5,500 yen (including tax), even if the cancellation fee period has passed.  
(1) When transportation is delayed or canceled due to bad weather such as typhoons, heavy fog, or snowfall.  
(2) When transportation is delayed or canceled due to force majeure such as an earthquake or flood.
(3) When the government, prefecture, or city requests that the event be canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

*Personal reasons and judgments are not covered.
*If the number of participants is 21 or less as of April 15, the training will be cancelled. In that case, the full participation fee will be refunded.

・If the trainer cannot enter the country, the lecture may be changed to an online lecture.



​About 30 people




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