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What is a Drum Circle?

What is a drum circle?

What is a Drum Circle?

In corporate training

Drum circle

Drum circle
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Drum circle

What is 
a drum circle?

Definition of
the drum circle

Drum circle i
n the field of education



What is a drum circle?

Play drums and percussion as you feel in a circle.



Q: "I have no experience with musical instruments, but if I can't do it well, it will bother me ..."
A: Let's have fun with everyone! If you feel like that, it's okay.

Everyone is different and everyone is good. A guide called a facilitator will give you hints to bring out your original rhythm. Let's start with a simple rhythm! Feel the rhythm with your body!
Your rhythm will be in sync with the rhythms of all the participants, creating a unique rhythm ensemble that can only be found "now" and "here".

Q: "What kind of effect does the drum circle have?"
A: Even if you participate alone, you can share a good time with a smile even with the people you meet for the first time. You can discover your role and potential, foster cooperation, release stress, and improve your sense of rhythm.

Various percussion instruments from all over the world are arranged concentrically.
When I sit in a chair, I feel like picking up an instrument and playing it.
When it is beating, the excitement of sleeping is stimulated and uplifted.
After playing for a while to satisfy my inner desires, I noticed that a group consciousness with the participants around me grew, and eventually I became an ensemble consciousness of the whole group.
Facilitation and nonverbal communication rhythms that casually lead that awareness have endless possibilities.
First, let's experience the drum circle.

The definitions of what a drum circle is

Definition of drum circle

There many types and definitions of what a drum circle is according to how the interactive drumming event is used.
The three most obvious examples of drum circles are the Freeform Improvisational Drum Circle, the Culturally Specific Drum Circle, and the Facilitated Community Drum Circle.

Freeform improvisational drum circles and Culturally Specific drum circles are extreme opposites on the drum circle scale. 

A free-form improvisational drum circle has no rules and has no leader or facilitator. Its a gathering of people who want to explore and express their rhythmical spirit using drums and percussion in a style of “Rhythmical Alchemy” where everyone’s is creating In-The-Moment music through improvisation. The music stemming from these events changes constantly. It can range from wonderfully beautiful moments of rhythmical connection to excruciating painful moments of rhythm disconnect where the rhythm "Crashes - Burns and Dies."

A Culturally Specific drum circle has a lot of rules and not much room for improvisation. A Culturally Specific drum circle is a group of people drumming together with each one playing one rhythm part without stopping or changing for the length of the pre-prescribed drumming part. That single part is locked into a combination of other rhythm parts that create an amazingly complex and powerful rhythm song. That rhythm song has a name, a purpose, and cultural history that has been passed down from generation to generation. That rhythm song can be played by a group of disciplined drummers for an extended period of time without changing. 

A family friendly facilitated Community Drum Circle is the middle ground between the two extremes mentioned above. It is where freedom of expression and the understanding of interactive musicality exist? The community drum circle is guided by a rhythm event facilitator who is supporting the group's intention to play together, connect rhythmically, making space for other peoples rhythm exploration while contributing their own rhythmical spirit into the In-The-Moment Rhythmical Alchemy. 

When we look at the large variations of facilitated rhythm events that currently are being used in our society, we can see that they are being utilized as a professional tool that meets specific needs of a particular population.

Village Music Circle Global drum circle facilitation training is based on how to facilitate a community drum circle. Incorporated in that training are all the elements that professional "Rhythm Care Givers" can adapt to promote and facilitate rhythm-based events in specific populations such as School children, Well elderly, Dementia and Alzheimer patients, Corporate training and Special Needs.

That is why in our Village Music Circle Drum Circle Facilitator Trainings you can find , School Teachers, Music Teachers, Drum Teachers, Music Therapist, Elderly related Professionals, Adults and Kids at Risk Professionals, Special Needs Professionals,Corporate Facilitators, Doctors, Nurses and Health care Professionals, School Rhythm Event Facilitators, Community Drum Circles Facilitators, Professional Musicians, Recreational Drummers, Culturally specific drummers and personal growth trainers.
It has been our experience that facilitated rhythm-based events covers a broad spectrum of our society, from Pre-Natal to Hospice.

What part of your community do you serve? Come join us and become a "Rhythm Care Giver".

Share your Spirit   Arthur.


Drum Circle Facilitation
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