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Cameron Tummel 

VMC Global ™ Support Team

Cameron Tummel is the world's hottest top drum circle facilitator. He is the only one who has trained under Arthur Hull for many years and can be called a true disciple. While supporting the VMC Global Certified Trainer, he has studied djembe in Africa and is also a professional percussionist.

Cameron attaches great importance to activities for children. With the support of the Santa Barbara Ball Foundation's educational program every year since 2001, we offer thousands of students in rhythmic leadership and support at public schools in the area. There are hundreds of schools across the United States that have been practiced so far.

His fans are all over the world. We have received many requests for drum circle facilitation practice and training, and we are also active in Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Austria, Italy and Canada. Since 2017, we have been holding regular workshop programs on "Rhythm for Youth" in the United States and Canada.

He holds a master's degree in world percussion from the prestigious California Institute of the Arts. A fascinating figure who loves surfing and has studied history and world religions at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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