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​Further deepening home study

Online Seminar

Online seminar

What is an online seminar?

This year's seminar

Past seminars


What is an online seminar?

You can study online at home using Zoom.

[Target] Varies depending on the seminar. Non-members can also attend.

This is a seminar to learn more deeply about the trainers and programs introduced in the web class.

Learn specialized knowledge useful for drum circle facilitation from VMC global trainers and other world-leading instructors.


[Past seminars]
Arthur Hull, Universal Principles of Drum Circle Facilitation
Jim Bonnow, Leadership EQ as a Facilitator
Dr. Jane Bentley "Drum Circle Theory from PhD Dissertation" and others

This year's seminar

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Music Pedagogy and DC

Wed, October 5, 2022

Wed, October 19, 2022

Wed, November 2, 2022



​Previous seminars

Previous seminars


Online Banzai!!

DAY-1: Saturday, July 3, 2021

DAY-2: Sunday, July 4, 2021

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