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Online Seminar
Online seminar


Norwegian Certified Trainer Lars Kolstad
Music Pedagogy Petagogy and Drum Circles



Lars' web class course was popular.
In order to learn more deeply, we adopted the format of "learning with the same members in a series of three". Lars wants to learn together in a situation where each person's face and name can be known.
​We will hold a small number of people so that we can have time to talk directly.

Lars Kolstad, researcher of music pedagogy.
Researched drum circles in school education and obtained a master's degree. Currently, while working with children, I am also teaching at universities and other places as a junior guidance.
We are also training drum circle facilitators as Norwegian certified trainers.

​Target person


Those who are doing drum circles at educational sites, or those who want to do it in the future.


Module ①: Wednesday, October 5
Module ②: Wednesday, October 19
Module ③: Wednesday, November 2nd
​ All Wednesdays from 8:30pm to 10:00pm


*The contents of the module will change according to the level of understanding of the students.

Module ①
"Attunement and our innate rhythmic intelligence"​

The first module delves into the phenomena of pulse, rhythm and entrainment. Using this phenomenon as a model, we explore how individuals interact with each other within a community.

Participation Conditions

​In principle, all three live performances​ (with review in the archive)

​​ *Archived videos will be available for two weeks after the course ends.
​ *Please note that some parts may not be available for archived video distribution depending on the content and circumstances.
​​ *The program content and schedule may change due to the corona crisis.


5 to 10 people has reached capacity
*If there are less than 5 people, the class will not be held.

Entry fee

​​ *Regarding cancellations: Until September 30th (Fri), we will refund 1,000 yen after deducting an administrative fee. No refunds will be given after that.

Instructor introduction



Lars Kolstad 

Born in Lillehammer in 1964 and raised in Oslo.

Played drums in rock bands from childhood to teens. In the 20's he toured as an actor and as a drummer.

In 1988, he moved to Bergen, west of Norway, and graduated in 1993 as a music teacher. Majored in Rhythm Music Pedagogy (RMP). From 1993 to 2003, she worked as a classroom teacher and a music teacher at the Waldorf School, gaining valuable experience in conducting RMP with students of various ages.


In 2003, he held his first drum circle facilitation in Oslo. There, he meets Michael Kehi and Arthur Hull for the first time. Shortly thereafter, he quit teaching and started working as a full-time DCF. Over 10 playshops in Norway and other countries, then 6 Arthur playshops in Bergen. Qualified as a VMC certified drum circle facilitator in Hawaii in 2015. In 2017, he became a VMC Certified Trainer in Scotland. In 2019 he co-hosts the first all-Norwegian DCF playshop with boss Mikael Kehi in Norway.


In 2018, he received a master's degree in music education petagogy. Dissertation "Hit Your Own Mind---A Study of the Community Drum Circle Phenomenon". Since 1998 he teaches music teaching at the University of Education in Bergen.


He has visited more than 150 schools and held 2776 drum circles. Conducted 1589 children's drum circles around 150 kindergartens. Conduct 170 drum circles for people with mental disorders. In addition, 100 drum circles for the elderly and 60 leadership team building sessions will be held. In addition, he has conducted 30 rhythm seminars for choirs and orchestras and has been the leader of 30 concerts and musical works.


Plays drums in the band "Stanley Dee" dedicated to Steely Dan.


He lives with his wife Bede, a glassblower, and his big poodle, Makeba.

Loves reading, especially getting to know people through drums.

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