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Introducing the instructors

The theme of online hurray !! is "Let's bring out the potential of human beings".

Based on this theme, which is also a subtitle of "Drum Circle Spirit" by Arthur Hull, VMC certified trainers and VMC global members will teach their own skills and theories. The instructors will be 12 people from 7 countries: USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Australia, India and Japan. And six one-day trainers aiming for VMC Global Japan certification will facilitate the final session.

Interpreters are provided for non-Japanese courses.


VMC Global Members will be the instructors


Saturday, July 3, 1:00 pm (Japan time)
Online drum call
Online Drum Call
Let's try the rhythm ensemble online!

John Fitzgerald


​Course outline

Drum call is one of the most important parts of a drum circle.

Everyone gathered here is connected by rhythm, and welcome to the upcoming event! I express that feeling.

Participants are kindly requested to bring their favorite musical instruments such as drums and percussion, or their favorite items such as cardboard boxes, books, pens and toys in front of the ZOOM camera. Anything that makes a sound is fine. You can also use your own body.

here we go! Let's learn while enjoying "Hurray Online !!" on the first weekend of July 3rd year of Reiwa! !!

Saturday, July 3, 2:00 pm (Japan time)
Rising to the times: Facilitating the potential of human spirit and potential
Rising to the Times: Facilitating the Elevation of Human Spirit & Potential

<Keynote >

Jim Boneau


Director of VMC Global Japan

VMC Global ™ Certified Trainer

Lives in Seattle, USA

Jim Bonow, as Arthur Hull's right-hand man, has contributed significantly to the systematization of VMC theory and is a supporter of VMC Global Certified Trainers. He is an organizational facilitator and internationally known as a corporate human resources development professional. The skills to effectively convey policies and build trust through dialogue are put to good use in the drum circles.

Jim is Vice President of Bluepoint Leadership Development and has been involved in human resources development at Microsoft, General Electric, Mayo Clinic, American Express, Salesforce and others. After that, he established the Rumble Group independently and is expanding his field of activity to the world.

In addition to looking to the world, he supports the immigrant community and various non-profit organizations in his hometown of Seattle. Connecting people and nurturing a community is an important lifework for him.

Jim is also a talented and passionate musician. We are involved in the leadership development of drum circle facilitators by fusing music and human resources development skills. He has been teaching with Arthur in the United States, Europe and Asia for over 20 years.

​Course outline

Towards the times: Facilitation that nurtures people's souls and possibilities

At the heart of being a DCF expert is the belief that rhythm can promote human potential. You can hear the human potential springing up through the groove on the drum circle. The potential of humans to create grooves is not limited to drum circles. The DCF creates the opportunity to challenge people, listen to beings much larger than themselves, and allow them the freedom to interact with themselves in new ways. Human potential goes beyond the groove. Entering 2021, we began to focus on the resurrection. Encouraging people to reach their potential beyond the groove has become more important than ever. Let's talk together how we can encourage people to come into contact with their potential.


Saturday, July 3rd, 3:10 pm (Japan time)
Voice and vibration
Voice and  Vibration
<Nada Yoga (Voice Yoga)>

Vasundhara Das


VMC Global ™ Certified Trainer

Lives in Bangalore, India

Vasundura Das (notation in the film industry is Vasundara Darth) Singer, composer, actress, drum circle facilitator

Multifaceted singer, songwriter, composer, actress, speaker and Vasundura Das are both drum circle facilitators and co-representatives of drum jams. Drum Jam was founded by Roberto Naran and Vasundra Das and is now one of the pioneering groups in the Indian drum circle movement. To date, we have provided approximately 500,000 people, both representatives from a wide range of disciplines, with the opportunity to experience music through collective drumming.
In addition to his extensive musician learning and experience, Vasundura studied drum circle facilitation with Arthur Hull, the founder of the global drum circle movement, and also studied Health Rhythms with Christine Stevens. I was surprised. During the period in which infection of the new corona virus spreads, in the name of VR drum jam online,
open the session by online, and Facilitation.

​Course outline

The role of voice and vibration for physical and mental health


Nada yoga is also known as voice yoga. Vasundra came to the study that the source of all creation in the world was "sound." The source of the sound is vibration, and we think that the strongest tool for experiencing the vibration is our own voice, and while playing the Indian folk instrument Tanpura, with the voice in a state of mindfulness. I will give a lecture on vibration. Last time, I gave a lecture on 5 basic breathing methods using Nashika Mudra. The music therapist who attended her Nada Yoga highly evaluated it as useful for the basics of vocalization in the elderly. This time, we will have you watch the video of the previous lecture "Breathing" in advance and proceed to the vocalization method that matches the chakra.

When attending a live performance, please prepare a chair that allows you to sit in a good posture.


Saturday, July 3, 4:40 pm (Japan time)
Follow your bliss
Follow your Bliss!
<Let's talk with the song and the participants>

Tamio Nakano


VMC Global Family

Lives in Tokyo

Professor and workshop facilitator of the Tokyo Institute of Technology Liberal Arts Research and Education Institute.

Born in Tokyo in 1957. Graduated from the University of Tokyo. When I was a student, I traveled alone to Asia and Latin America. Aiming to change from the buoyant world, I got a job at an advertising company and struggled from the sales position. After studying organizational development at the California Institute for Integrated Studies (CIIS), where he took leave and studied abroad, he woke up to a participatory learning style called a workshop. After returning to Japan, while working at a company, he practiced many workshops to reconnect people to people, people to nature, people to himself, people to society, and facilitation courses to create participatory places.

He retired early in 2012 and became a professor at Doshisha University, and has been involved in liberal arts education at Tokyo Institute of Technology since 2015. In 2013, he participated in a three-day basic training held in Nakajima, Ehime Prefecture, on the island of the Seto Inland Sea, and met Arthur Hull.

He is the main author of "Workshop", "Facilitation Revolution", "How to Create a Place to Learn" (Iwanami Shoten), "Everyone's Fun Training" (Shunjusha Publishing), and co-authored "Facilitation for Nursing" (Igaku-Shoin). Such.


Arthur Hull


Founder of VMC Global

Director of VMC Global Japan

Lives in Santa Cruz, USA

Arthur Hull is a pioneer in drum circle facilitators. We have traveled around the world to connect, support and shape our communities using music and rhythm. He is a talented percussionist, internationally known as an inspirational artist, a talented group facilitator and a motivational trainer.

Using his own theory, he has spread the grassroots movement of people of different cultures and backgrounds. Guided by Arthur's wit and humor, from corporate executives to children in harsh environments, small to thousands of groups, babies to the elderly, we share joy across cultural and language barriers.

He has taught more than 7,000 students at the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA. Celebrities such as Stevie Wonder, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg also participate in his drum circle. He has trained in the United States and around the world, and has been trained at many companies including Apple Computer, Microsoft, McDonald's, and The Wall Street Journal, and has been highly acclaimed. Its activities extend from Asia to Europe and are inherited by his successors.

​Course outline

Think Arthur Hull-Rebuilding the Community with Rhythm

While the situation of coronavirus infections has improved, it is clear that those who are clamoring for essential face-to-face connections, those who are tired of the online format, are rushing into our community like a tsunami.


As drum circle facilitators, we have the tools to meet people's needs.


Our main goal is to bring out the potential of human beings through rhythm, but for those who plan and manage rhythm events as a professional and as a business, building a community is the next step.

If you haven't started building a community as a drum circle facilitator, now is your chance.


If you already have a relationship that allows you to interact with the drum circle participants, it's time to rebuild it.


To reconnect with the lost community in a cave-like situation.


The session will discuss the elements, activities and concepts that Uncle Arthur can use to rebuild the community through rhythm.

Sunday, July 4th, 4:10 pm (Japan time)

Let's talk about DC in the breakout room!

Let's Talk about DC in Breakout rooms

VMC Global Japan 1-day trainers


VMC Global Family

Tomoko Yonezawa (Hokkaido), Yoko Hayami (Tokyo), Yukari Matsumoto (Hokkaido)

Yutaka Takada (Hokkaido), Noriko Mihara (Tochigi), Junko Chiba (Miyagi)

VMC Global Japan trains VMC Global Japan certified one-day trainers. Once certified, you will be able to teach one-day experience programs and one-day seminars in Japanese.

​ I am planning to start activities from next term as a lecturer of the introductory seminar of DC facilitation in various parts of Japan regardless of the region.

​Course outline

In this session, we will talk about DC, the seminars we attended, and our daily worries in the breakout room. It's time to build up with everyone who participated as recipients this weekend. Guided by 6 facilitators.

General Facilitator: Tamio Nakano (I will be in charge of the course on July 3rd)

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