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Online Seminar
Online seminar


Online seminars by Top DC facilitators from all over the world!
Online Banzai!!

©VMC Global Japan

​Target person

Anyone from beginners to experienced people can participate. ​

How to participate

​ both live participation and archive participation ​

​​ *Archived videos will be available for 2 months.

​ *Some courses cannot be archived.

​ *The program content may change due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Time schedule

​​* If you live overseas, please check the holding time by referring to Japan time in the itinerary.

​​* Here's the Time Zone Convert --Time Difference Calculator

Entry fee

​​ *Regarding cancellations: Until April 24th (Sun), we will refund 1,000 yen after deducting an administrative fee. No refunds will be given after that.

Entry fee

Registration for Non-Japanese

Participation Fee : JPY 2,000-

Please send your info to us by email.

I will get back to you.

Thank you! 

time schedule

Introduction of the instructors


Introduce the lecturer, title and content of the seminar.
Please click the picture of the teacher you want to see.

​Sponsorship / cooperation

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