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Intensive Playshop Training

Intensive training


Learn the basics of facilitation and more practices

A course to learn from the basics to the application of drum circle facilitators (about 50 hours)

​Over the course of five days, you will learn facilitation techniques and concepts step by step from the basics to the application, while eating and sleeping together. There is enough hands-on learning time for beginners to experienced users.
In addition to learning about facilitation, musicality, and presence, participants will experience community building with their mentors*, and share their skills and talents during talent shows and sharing time.

​ *For mentors*, please refer to mentor training.

■ Target Participants

From beginner to advanced (anyone can participate)



Smappon! is very convenient.
You can easily check the schedule and apply.

* Smapon! Please open "Schedule" or "Application Form" from.

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