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Drum Circle for infants and families

Baby and family drum circles


drum circle for Infants and Families

Baby and family drum circles

In a community drum circle that you can enjoy with your family

The community drum circle is an event that anyone can enjoy regardless of age, gender, or degree of freedom. Nowadays, it is also held as an intergenerational exchange event for the purpose of interacting with the elderly who tend to be hikikomori living alone in facilities and nuclear family households. There are also inquiries that it is uneasy to take a baby to the scene where a lot of people hit the drums. But that is not the case. Babies can comfortably move their limbs and rejoice, or sleep comfortably in loud sounds.

In 2005, Arthur Hull opened the first community drum circle in Matsuyama, where about 100 participants gathered and all were playing drums and small musical instruments. A mother who participated with her baby in a stroller said, "In such a lively sound, I saw the sleeping face of this child sleeping very comfortably, and when this child was still hungry, let me hear the fetal heartbeat at the examination. I remembered the sound when I was asked. The rhythm of everyone hitting bells and drums at will is like the sound inside my body. " I did. The rhythm that the participants beat at a constant tempo is the heartbeat itself.

In a drum circle for prenatal and postnatal women
For many years, we have held a drum circle as an activity for pregnant women sponsored by the Maternity Clinic. At first, the purpose was to provide light exercise and stress relief for pregnant women, and to interact with "first-time moms", but after giving birth and completing a one-month examination, she began to participate with her baby as a mom. I did. A figure that tries to synchronize with the rhythm in a circle by moving cute limbs according to the rhythm while drinking breasts. Expressing your feelings that you can't convey anything in words is a conversation that is unique to a baby, and is the first step in trying to connect with people. Rhythm is a natural communication tool.

VMC Certified Trainer:Tomoko Yokota

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