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Drum Circle for corporate training

Drum circle in corporate training


drum circle

for Corporate training

​Drum circle in corporate training

Rhythm-Based Events for Organizational Development in Business
Professional businesses, from corporate workplaces to local businesses, all have a need to align employees to the company vision, develop skills in their employees to meet that vision, and inspire creativity to develop new and better products and services. These needs can be met through facilitated meetings and developmental sessions focused on a business objective. There are a variety of tools and structures a facilitator can use to align employees, build skill and inspire creativity. One of the most powerful, interactive and engaging of these tools is a group rhythm-based event.
There are three types of facilitated rhythm events. Each of these can be designed to meet the objectives of growing business.
Community Drum Circle Format
Team building and celebration of business success can be accomplished in the first type of Facilitated Rhythm-Based Event, the Family-friendly community drum circle. A community drum circle format offers the business an opportunity to invite employees from various functions and locations to come together for fun, team building and community development. The only intention in a community circle format is to unleash the human potential of the organization through rhythm. This format is used by businesses in the following manner:
   Opening of a conference to create a memorable kick off
   After a project is completed to celebrate the accomplishments of the team
   Part of an employee appreciation event where family members are in attendance
Intention Specific Rhythm-Based Events
Another situation the community drum circle format is used by businesses is to accomplish a specific intention related to developmental needs of the group. For example, if your organization is launching a set of company values, the rhythm event facilitator could design a program based on your company values. The facilitator will learn about your values and specific developmental needs. She can then design a series of drum circle games and interventions that will support your company values. After the rhythm experience, the facilitator will invite conversation in small and large groups to allow the attendees to relate their experience in the rhythm event to the new company values. This intention specific event has all the components of the engaging, fun and interactive community circle, but with a theme and intention that aligns with your group’s developmental needs.
Short Rhythmical Interventions
Finally, your business may not be in need of a full community rhythm-based musical experience, but instead, require shorter rhythm experiences to be a part of a larger event. Rhythmical interventions using drums and percussion can be used in shorter timeframes to illustrate a specific point. For example, if you are building interpersonal communication skills in a training session, you may want to offer additional experiences outside of typical “talk-based” training. A trainer can incorporate experiences like rhymical games and listening activities to complement the models and skills being taught for interpersonal skills. These types of rhythmical interventions as a part of a larger talk-based training offer the participants a change in dynamics and teaching methodology to inspire creativity and innovation. These are targeted to the learning portion of the brain and help create new neuro pathways for new behavior habits.
A rhythm-based event has the potential to inspire individual creativity and innovation while also creating group cohesion, trust and connection needed for success in retaining employees and meeting business goals.

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