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Experiences in Drum About

After the drum about

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​If you hit it together, you'll be friends! If you laugh together, you're friends!


I met the drum circle by chance! It all started with something. And I have been calling out to you, and I have been disturbing you here and there as my curiosity goes.

What is Drum About? I asked Tom Tom, and the reply was to write something other than training, so I will talk about the practice of one day.

Try to put what you learned in the training into practice in a public place. It seemed very difficult for me as a beginner. Do something in front of a lot of people ... I wasn't unfamiliar with it, but in front of strangers.

So I came up with the idea of inviting my kindergarten children to the place and letting them do a "drum circle" in the atmosphere of being in their own kindergarten.

The place is called "Children's Castle" where the same drum circle friends are working, and I often go on excursions, so when I invited him, I was happy to hear from him.

The opening was decided to start with an African feeling like "Fanga", which is like a welcome drum, and for that reason I practiced with the staff of the children's castle several times. I was supposed to sing the beginning song (should I say I'll sing it?). You can listen to the score and sing it freely. As I practiced, I was confused, but I was gradually motivated by the comfortable drum rhythm and percussion instruments.

and! Finally the production! You can see the faces you know here and there, laughing. That's it! Let's have these children listen! Let's enjoy together! When ! !! "Fanga" started full of things. ♪ "Fanga-Alaffia, Ashareche"

The fun time of the drum circle passed, and the children were excited and went home. Later, I received a video with a message from the child's mother. (Is this right?)

When I opened it, there was a child who sang ♪ "Fanga-Alaffia, Ashareche". He was able to reproduce that "Fanga" that he sang at that time. Impressed! Did. thank you.

After that, every time I met me in the corridor of the kindergarten, I sang "Fanga-Alaffia, Asheasche" (laughs). That continued until I graduated.

Drum circles let people meet sounds in unexpected places. It impresses me.

If you hit it together, you'll be friends! If you laugh together, you're friends! I am grateful that I am able to live in the present with such feelings, and I will continue to ♪ "Fanga-Alaffia, Ashareche"

Welcome everyone.

Megumi Adachi / Lives in Ehime Prefecture

Occupation: Kindergarten teacher

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