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Experiences in Challenged training

After the challenge training

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Excited about deep learning and expanding the community 


I first attended VMC Playshop Japan in 2010. A year later, I experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake and became involved in efforts to support victims. In one of the volunteer activities, the salon activity, I heard many voices saying that they could not get used to the new environment such as temporary housing and group relocation. I thought that the "drum circle" could be used to create exchanges and communication in areas where the residents' association organization had not been established, and I took challenge training, including mentor training, from 2012 to 2017 to learn more.
At the beginning, I wasn't familiar with the play shop where various people from all over the country gathered, and I just hesitated to join the circle.
Why did you repeat the course?
There are three reasons.

First, I wanted to improve my facilitation skills and learn more about the concept. Arthur's theory is evolving and there is new learning every time you participate.
I participate with excitement every time.

Second, I thought that the theory of drum circle facilitation advocated by Arthur Hull is not only the DCF technique, but also the idea of the role of the facilitator (serving the community) can be put to good use in life. .. From the standpoint of managing volunteer activities, I was working closely with people with the motto "What I can do now", so the spirit of "teaching without teaching" can be useful in supporting exhausted volunteer supporters. I was able to do it.

And third, the playshop participants are those who "serve" Arthur's teachings.
In the days we spend together, we can connect like old acquaintances, and sometimes meet wonderful companions who praise and suggest.

The playshop itself has become a small community, and with each round my community is expanding. I am looking forward to deepening my learning and expanding my community.

Junko Chiba / Lives in Miyagi Prefecture

Occupation: DC Facilitator

​​Piano rhythm instructor

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