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Experiences in Advanced training

After the advance training

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I've always been a longing master!

Shihoko Matsuo2

I first saw Cameron more than a decade ago on Arthur's VHS tapes.

At that time, I decided to give a lecture on DC at a junior college, and at that time there weren't many reference materials, and the tapes I got with the thought of snarling in the straw were all in English. I didn't understand English, but Cameron was the one who was facilitating in an easy-to-understand manner.

More than 10 years have passed since then, and I have been doing DC for 500 people at a junior high school in Nagoya. I took on an unprecedented big job and was at a loss how to tackle it. At that time, I was informed of Cameron's training as if I was destined , and immediately jumped at it. That cute smile turned out to be the FA at that time, even after 10 years.

The first program on the nature-rich Omishima was a tour of Cameron's DC for local junior high school students.

I still vividly remember the impact of entering the gymnasium, which had already been set up. Precisely calculated arrangement of musical instruments, spacing between chairs, how to use space ... All the expected risks have been cleared, and I was convinced that "this DC can never be confused" even before it started. It was a setting I had never seen before, so much that I couldn't help but mutter "Beautiful ...!". Of course, DC with junior high school students was packed with a wealth of experience and wisdom, and it was regrettable to take notes .

In the training that followed, I was satisfied with the training both physically and mentally. I became a fan of Cameron and suddenly extended my stay. And Cameron responded politely and earnestly to any of my questions trying to find a gap and find out that it would be a hint for 500 DCs , and in the next few days I was able to bring back a really big learning. rice field. Thanks to that, the 500 DC, which was held in December of that year, was able to take on the challenge of taking off my shell from the time of setting and succeeded safely. If I hadn't participated in the training, I think it would have been a completely different DC. I am glad that I participated from the bottom of my heart, and I strongly hope to learn if there is still an opportunity to study with him.

Shihoko Matsuo / Lives in Gifu Prefecture

Occupation: DC facilitator, marimba / percussionist

Shihoko Matsuo
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