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Jim Boneau

VMC Global ™ Support Team

As Arthur Hull's right-hand man, Jim Boneau has made a significant contribution to the systematization of VMC theory and supports the VMC Global Certified Trainers. He is an organizational facilitator and is internationally known as a professional in corporate human resource development. The skills of communicating policies effectively and building trust through dialogue are put to good use in drum circles.

Jim has served as vice president of Bluepoint Leadership Development and has worked on talent development for Microsoft, General Electric, Mayo Clinic, American Express, Salesforce and others. After that, he established the Rumble Group independently and expanded his playing field to the world.

In addition to looking at the world, he supports the immigrant community and various non-profit organizations in his hometown of Seattle. Connecting people and cultivating communities is an important lifework for him.
Jim is also a talented and passionate musician. I am involved in leadership development of drum circle facilitators by fusing music and human resource development skills. For over 20 years he has taught with Arthur in America, Europe and Asia.

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