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Facilitators' training
Facilitators' training


Would you like to open a facilitator training in your area?
The world of drum circle facilitation with infinite possibilities.

A one-day seminar that will open the door for youand drum circles, as well as more specialized training.Training can be held.

Anyone can take the training regardless of musical experience, but by narrowing down the specialized field, you can learn more deeply in a short time.can learn.


In the field of education

Early Childhood Education for Students Who Become Nursery Teachers
I want to teach it in class as specialized rhythm education.


In corporate training

Team building for organizational

reform of the company
I want to hold a seminar for experiential learning.


In the community

To deepen exchanges with

international students
I want to hold a cultural exchange event.

Please see the performance report for past training

Full of Smiles

~ Photo collection ~


Photo collection full of smiles

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